Dr. Miguel Moreno Ugeda
Principal investigator
Tel: (+34) 943015766
email: mmugeda(at)
Description: Ikerbasque research associate at DIPC

Dr. Wen Wan
Postdoctoral Fellow
email: wwan(at)
Description: I carried out my PhD studies at Xiamen University (China). As an ERC-DIPC postdoctoral fellow, I work on the growth  and characterization  of 2D electron correlated materials and related hybrid heterostructures.

Dr. Rishav Harsh
Postdoctoral Fellow
email: rishav.harsh(at)
Description: PhD at Universite Paris Diderot (France). As an ERC-DIPC postdoctoral fellow, I’m currently working on the magnetic properties of point defects in TMD materials.

Sandra Sajan
PhD student
email: sandra.sajan(at)
I am carrying out spin-polarized STM/STS measurements on 2D materials at ultra-low temperatures.