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Preprints and submissions


Nature Communications 15, 2927 (2024)
Observation of Kekulé vortices induced in graphene by hydrogen adatoms
Y. Guan, C. Dutreix, H. González-Herrero, Miguel M. Ugeda, I. Brihuega, M. I. Katsnelson, O. Y. Yazyev, V. Y. Renard


Nature Communications 14, 7005 (2023)
Evidence for a coherent ground state in a two-dimensional Kondo lattice
Wen Wan, Rishav Harsh, Antonella Meninno, Paul Dreher, Sandra Sajan, Ion Errea, F. de Juan and Miguel M. Ugeda*

npj 2D materials and applications 7, 41 (2023)
Superconducting dome by tuning a van Hove singularity in a two-dimensional metal
Wen Wan, Rishav Harsh, Paul Dreher, F. de Juan and Miguel M. Ugeda*


Advanced materials 34, 2206078 (2022)
Observation of superconducting collective modes from competing pairing instabilities in single-layer NbSe2
Wen Wan, Paul Dreher, D. Muñoz-Segovia, Rishav Harsh, F. Guinea, F. de Juan and Miguel M. Ugeda*

Advanced materials 34, 2200492 (2022)
Nontrivial doping evolution of electronic properties in Ising-superconducting alloys
Wen Wan, Darshana Wickramaratne, Paul Dreher, Rishav Harsh, Igor I. Mazin and Miguel M. Ugeda*


ACS Nano 15, 19430 (2021)
Proximity effects on the charge density wave order and superconductivity in single-layer NbSe2
Paul Dreher, Wen Wan, Alla Chikina, Marco BianchiHaojie Guo, Rishav Harsh, Samuel Mañas-Valero, Eugenio Coronado, Antonio J. Martínez-Galera, Philip Hofmann, Jill A. Miwa* and Miguel M. Ugeda*

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 33, 295804 (2021)
Magnetic correlations in single-layer NbSe2
S. Divilov, Wen Wan, Paul Dreher, Miguel M. Ugeda* and Félix Ynduráin*

Nano Letters 21, 136 (2021)
Tailoring superconductivity in large-area monolayer NbSe2 via self-assembled molecular adlayers
F. Calavalle, Paul Dreher, A. Surdendran, Wen Wan, M. Timpel, C. Rogero, T. Bauch, F. Lombardi, F. Casanova, M. V. Nardi, Miguel M. Ugeda, M. Gobbi, and L. E. Hueso


Nano Letters 20, 5111 (2020)
Visualization of multifractal superconductivity in a two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide in the weak disorder regime
C. Rubio-Verdú, A. M. García-García, H. Ryu, D.-J. Choi, J. Zaldívar, S. Tang, B. Fan, Z.-X. Shen, S.-K. Mo, J. I. Pascual, Miguel M. Ugeda*

Communication Physics 3, 116 (2020)
Electronic and Magnetic Characterization of Epitaxial VSe2 Monolayers on Superconducting NbSe2
S. Kezilebieke, Md N. Huda, Paul Dreher, I. Manninen, Y. Zhou, J. Sainio, R.Mansell, Miguel M. Ugeda, S.van Dijken, H.-P. Komsa, P. Liljeroth


Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123, 27802 (2019)
Absence of ferromagnetism in VSe2 caused by its charge density wave
A. O. Fumega, M. Gobbi, P. Dreher, W. Wan, C. González-Orellana, M. Peña-Díaz, C. Rogero, J. Herrero-Martín, P. Gargiani, M. Ilin, Miguel M. Ugeda, V. Pardo, S. Blanco-Canosa

Nature Materials 18, 539 (2019) – News & Views
Stable in harsh environments
Miguel M. Ugeda

Nature Communications 10, 3382 (2019)
Identifying substitutional oxygen as a prolific point defect in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides with experiment and theory
S. Barja, S. Refaely-Abramson, B. Schuler, D. Y. Qiu, A. Pulkin, S.Wickenburg, H.Ryu, Miguel M. Ugeda, C. Kastl, C.Chen, C. Hwang, A. Schwartzberg, S. Aloni, S.-K. Mo, D. F.Ogletree, M. F. Crommie, O. V. Yazyev, S. G. Louie, J.B. Neaton, A. Weber-Bargioni

Nano Letters 19, 3027 (2019)
Coexistence of elastic modulations in the charge density wave state of 2H-NbSe2
B. Guster, C. Rubio-Verdú, R. Robles, J. Zaldívar, P. Dreher, M. Pruneda, J. A. Silva-Guillén, D. -J. Choi, J. I. Pascual, M. M. Ugeda, P. Ordejón, and E. Canadell

Physical Review B 99, 075431 (2019)
Geometry and Electronic Structure of Iridium adsorbed on Graphene
Bradford A. Barker, Aaron J. Bradley, Miguel M. Ugeda, Sinisa Coh, Alex Zettl, Michael F. Crommie, Steven G. Louie, and Marvin L. Cohen

Physical Review B 99, 035438 (2019)
Strong-coupling charge density wave in a one-dimensional topological metal
P. Hofmann, Miguel M. Ugeda, A. Tamtögl, A. Ruckhofer, W. E. Ernst, G. Benedek, A. J. Martínez-Galera, A. Stróżecka, J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez, E. Rienks, M. Fuglsang Jensen, J. I. Pascual, and J.W. Wells


ACS Nano 12, 11161 (2018)
Electronic Properties of Transferrable Atomically Thin MoSe2/h-BN Heterostructures Grown on Rh(111)
M.-Wei Chen, H.-K. Kim, C. Bernard, M. Pizzochero, J. Zaldívar, J. I. Pascual, Miguel M. Ugeda, O. V. Yazyev, T. Greber, J. Osterwalder, O. Renault, and A. Kis

Nature Communications 9, 3401 (2018).
Observation of Topologically Protected States at Crystalline Phase Boundaries in Single-layer WSe2
M. M. Ugeda*, A. Pulkin, S. Tang, H. Ryu, Q. Wu, Y. Zhang, D. Wong, Z. Pedramrazi, A. Martín, Y. Chen, F. Wang, Z.-X. Shen, S.-K. Mo, O. V. Yazyev and M. F. Crommie

Communication Physics 1, 15 (2018).
Orbital-selective spin excitation of a magnetic porphyrin
C. Rubio-Verdú, A. Sarasola, D. -J. Choi, Z. Majzik, R. Ebeling, M. R. Calvo, M. M. Ugeda, A. García-Lekue, D. Sánchez-Portal and J. I. Pascual

Physical Review Letters 120, 167001 (2018).
Probing magnetic interactions between Cr adatoms on the ß-Bi2Pd superconductor
D.-J. Choi, C. García, E.Herrera, C. Rubio-Verdú, M. M. Ugeda, Isabel Guillamón, H. Suderow, J. I. Pascual, and N. Lorente


Nature Physics 13, 683 (2017)
Quantum spin Hall state in monolayer 1T’-WTe2
S. Tang, C. Zhang, D.Wong, Z. Pedramrazi, H-Z. Tsai, C. Jia, B. Moritz, M. Claassen, H. Ryu, S. Kahn, J. Jiang, H. Yan, M. Hashimoto, D. Lu, R. Moore, C-C.Hwang, C. Hwang, Z. Hussain, Y. Chen, M. M. Ugeda, Z. Liu, X. Xie, T. Devereaux, M. F. Crommie, S.-K. Mo and Z. X. Shen

Nature Communications 8, 15175 (2017)
Mapping the orbital structure of impurity bound states in a superconductor
D.-J. Choi, C. Rubio-Verdú, J. de Bruijckere, M. M. Ugeda, N. Lorente and J.I. Pascual


Science 352, 437 (2016)
Atomic-scale control of graphene magnetism using hydrogen atoms
H. González-Herrero, J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez, P. Mallet, M. Moaied, J. J. Palacios, C. Salgado, M. M. Ugeda, J.Y. Veuillen, F. Ynduráin and I. Brihuega

Nature Chemistry 8, 678 (2016)
Imaging Single-Molecule Reaction Intermediates Stabilized by Surface Dissipation and Entropy
A. Riss, A. P. Paz, S. Wickenburg, H.-Z. Tsai, D. G. de Oteyza, A. J. Bradley, M. M. Ugeda, P. Gorman, M. F. Crommie, A. Rubio, and F. R. Fischer

Nature Physics 12, 751 (2016)
Charge density wave order in 1D mirror twin boundaries of single-layer MoSe2
S. Barja, S. Wickenburg, Z.-F. Liu, Y. Zhang, H. Ryu, M. M. Ugeda, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen, S.-K. Mo, E. Wong, M. B. Salmeron, F. Wang, M. F. Crommie, D. F. Ogletree, J. B. Neaton and A. Weber-Bargioni

Nature Physics 12, 92 (2016)
Characterization of collective ground states in single-layer NbSe2
M. M. Ugeda*, A. J. Bradley, Y. Zhang, S. Onishi, Y. Chen, W. Ruan, C. O. Aristizabal, H. Ryu, M. Edmonds, H.-Z. Tsai, A. Riss, S.-K. Mo, D. Lee, A. Zettl, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen and M.F. Crommie

Nano Letters 16, 2485 (2016)
Electronic Structure, Surface Doping, and Optical Response in Epitaxial WSe2 Thin Films
Y. Zhang, M. M. Ugeda, C. Jin, S.-F. Shi, A. J. Bradley, A. M.-Recio, H. Ryu, J. Kim, S. Tang, Y. Kim, B. Zhou, C. Hwang, Y. Chen, F. Wang, M. F. Crommie, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen and S.-K. Mo

ACS Nano 10, 5131 (2016)
Graphene Tunable Transparency to Tunneling Electrons: A Direct Tool To Measure the Local Coupling
H. González-Herrero, P. Pou, J. Lobo-Checa, D. Fernández-Torre, F. Craes, A. J. Martínez-Galera, M. M. Ugeda, M. Corso, J. E. Ortega, J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez, R. Pérez and I. Brihuega

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120, 26445 (2016)
Covalent Functionalization of GaP(110) Surfaces via a Staudinger-Type Reaction with Perfluorophenyl Azide
M. M. Ugeda*, A. J. Bradley, L. Rodrigo, M. Yu, , P. Doak, W. Liu, P. Doak, A. Riss, J. B. Neaton, T. D. Tilley and M. F. Crommie

Physica Status Solidi B 253, 2396 (2016)
Selenium capped monolayer NbSe2 for two-dimensional superconductivity studies
S. Onishi, M. M. Ugeda, Y. Zhang, Y. Chen, C. O. Aristizabal, H. Ryu, S.-K. Mo, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen, M. F. Crommie and A. Zettl


Nano Letters 15, 2594 (2015)
Probing the Role of Interlayer Coupling and Coulomb Interactions on Electronic Structure in Few-Layer MoSe2 Nanostructures
A. J. Bradley, M. M. Ugeda*, F. H. da Jornada, D. Y. Qiu, W. Ruan, Y. Zhang, S. Wickenburg, A. Riss, J. Lu, S.-K. Mo, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen, S. G. Louie and M. F. Crommie


Nature Materials 13, 1091 (2014)
Giant bandgap renormalization and excitonic effects in a monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductor
M. M. Ugeda*, A. J. Bradley, S. F Shi, F. H. da Jornada, Y. Zhang, D. Y. Qiu, W. Ruan, S. K. Mo, Z. Hussain, Z.X. Shen, F. Wang, S. G. Louie and M. F. Crommie.

ACS Nano 8, 5395 (2014)
Imaging and Tuning Molecular Levels at the Surface of a Gated Graphene Device
A. Riss, S. Wickenburg, L. Z. Tan, H-Z. Tsai, Y. Kim, J. Lu, A. J. Bradley, M. M. Ugeda, K. Meaker, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, A. Zettl, F. R. Fischer, S. G. Louie, and M. F. Crommie

Nano Letters 14, 2251 (2014)
Local electronic and chemical structure of oligo-acetylene derivatives formed through radical cyclizations at a surface
A. Riss, S. Wickenburg, P. Gorman, L. Z. Tan, H. Z. Tsai, D. G. de Oteyza, Y-. C. Chen, A. J. Bradley, M. M. Ugeda, G. Etkin, S. G. Louie, F. R. Fischer, and M. F. Crommie


Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117, 26091 (2013)
Adsorption and Stability of π-Bonded Ethylene on GaP(110)
M. M. Ugeda*, M. Yu, A. J. Bradley, P. Doak, W. Liu, G. F. Moore, I. D. Sharp, T. D. Tilley, J. B. Neaton, and M. F. Crommie


Physical Review Letters 109, 196802 (2012)
Unraveling the intrinsic and robust nature of van Hove singularities in twisted bilayer graphene by scanning tunneling microscopy and theoretical analysis
I. Brihuega, P. Mallet, H. González-Herrero, G. T. Laissardière, M. M. Ugeda, L. Magaud, J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez, F. Ynduráin, and J- .Y. Veuillen

Physical Review B 86, 045444 (2012)
Role of pseudospin in quasiparticle interferences in epitaxial graphene probed by high-resolution
P. Mallet, I. Brihuega, S. Bose, M. M. Ugeda, J.M.Gómez-Rodríguez, K. Kern and J. Y. Veuillen

Physical Review B (Rapid) 85, 121402 (2012)
Electronic and structural characterization of divacancies in irradiated graphene
M. M. Ugeda*, I. Brihuega, J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez and F. Ynduráin

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116, 9568 (2012)
Adsorption and Growth of 1,3,5-Triazine on Cu(111) at Low Temperature under Ultrahigh Vacuum Conditions
A.J. Martínez-Galera, B. de la Torre, M. M. Ugeda and J.M.Gómez-Rodríguez


Physical Review B 84, 104525 (2011)
Experimental observation of thermal fluctuations in single superconducting Pb nanoparticles through tunneling measurements
I. Brihuega, A. M. García-García, P. Ribeiro, M. M. Ugeda, C. H. Michaelis, S. Bose and K. Kern

Physical Review Letters 107, 116803 (2011)
Point defects in graphene on metals
M. M. Ugeda, D. Fernández-Torre, P. Pou, I. Brihuega, A.J. Martínez-Galera, R. Pérez, and J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez


Nature Materials 9, 550 (2010)
Observation of shell effects in superconducting nanoparticles of Sn
S. Bose, A.M. García-García, M. M. Ugeda, J. Urbina, C. H. Michaelis, I. Brihuega and K. Kern

Physical Review Letters 104, 096804 (2010)
Missing atom as a source of carbon magnetism
M. M. Ugeda, I. Brihuega, F. Guinea and J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez


Physical Review Letters. 102, 096802 (2009)
Nondegenerate Metallic States on Bi(114): A One-Dimensional Topological Metal
J. W. Wells, J. H. Dil, F. Meier, J. Lobo-Checa, V. N. Petrov, J. Osterwalder, M. M. Ugeda, I. F. Torrente, J. I. Pascual, E. D. Rienks, M. F. Jensen, and Ph. Hofmann.


Physical Review B 76, 035422 (2007)
Surface diffusion of Pb single adatoms on the Si(111)-(R3xR3)R30º-Pb system
I. Brihuega, M. M. Ugeda and J.M. Gómez-Rodríguez

Physical Review Letters 98, 156102 (2007)
Adatom-Adatom interaction mediated by an underlying surface phase transition
I. Brihuega, A. Cano, M. M. Ugeda, J. J. Sáenz, A. Levanyuk and J.M. Gómez-Rodríguez

Physical Review B 75, 155411 (2007)
Defects in the (R3xR3) (3×3) phase transition in the Pb/Si(111) system
I. Brihuega, O. Custance, M. M. Ugeda and J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez


Physical Review Letters 95, 206102 (2005)
Direct observation of a (3×3) phase in a-Pb/Ge(111) at 10 K
I. Brihuega, O. Custance, M. M. Ugeda, N. Oyabu, S. Morita and J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez